1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Equine Guelph’s “Horse Behaviour and Safety” online course!

Three horses standing in a field.

Now, let’s get started. Please review the course outline, for what you will need to do.  Click on “course home” found on right top menu.  This 3 week course is divided into units. The units are scheduled Mon-Fri of each week with weekends available to catch up or work at your own pace.

Make sure you check “announcements” everyday – I will be using this tool to communicate to the whole class on a regular basis.

It is important to “mark each lesson as complete” as you go. This is required for your certificate of completion.

Activity 1: Getting to know you and your classmates

Discussion IconNow is the time to introduce yourself to the other students in this course. First name only please. Feel free to add information if you own horses (or have owned horses). Also say why you are taking this course and what you hope to learn.

Go to the Discussions area for Student Introductions.

Knowing how to chat online is important to your overall learning in the course.

Stay “on topic” in the Discussions to help keep the messages organized. Please respect the time of others by keeping your messages related to the subject of the discussion.

Your posts will be reviewed by the instructor before appearing online so please be patient. Posts will be reviewed daily except for the weekends.