Resources for Equine First Aid

This page is a collection of the many additional resources that are included within the course for quick reference, organized by course lesson.  For questions about these resources, or to request additional information about the topics presented, please send an email to [email protected]

1.4 – Prevention First!

First Aid – Emergency Numbers Contact List (pdf)

1.5 – What is Normal?

Horse Health Check (pdf) 

The Horse Health Check Interactive Activity

Videos – Horse Health Check

The Horse Health Check infosheet (pdf)

1.6 – Body Condition Score

Body Condition Scoring

2 – My First Aid Kit

First Aid Checklist (pdf)

First Aid – Emergency Numbers Contact List (pdf) 

First Aid – What To Do In Case of Emergency (pdf)

Create a Trail Riding Survival Kit (Equus)

Equine Emergency-Evacuation Kit Checklist

How to Remove a Loose Shoe (Equus Prime)

3 – Lameness

Signs of Lameness – Dr. Nicola Cribb, OVC

Lameness Lab Healthcare Tool

Journey Through the Joints

4 – Common and Severe Injuries

Colic Risk Rater Interactive Activity

Tour through the Equine Gut Interactive Activity

Digestive Anatomy Interactive Activity

Biosecurity Calculator Interactive Activity

Biosecurity Standard/guidelines

Worms and Germs website

5 – Wound Management

Beeler-Marfisi Notes: Stall Wraps and Bandaging (pdf)

From Redwings Sanctuary on Wound Care: Wound Wisdom: Simple Steps to help you tackle wounds with confidence

New Developments in Science could contribute to Wound Healing and other health issues in the future:

Scientists grow human blood vessels from stem cells in a dish (CBC)

6 – Eye Injuries

The Horse’s Field of View

Protect your horse from eye injuries (Equus)

7.1 – Needs of the Horse

The Five Freedoms – From Code of Practice

The Five Domains – Mellor paper

Facial Grimace Score – website/paper

Acceptable Methods of Euthanasia – Excerpt from Code of Practice on Euthanasia

7.2 – Don’t Break your Vet

British Equine Veterinary Association video series on “Don’t Break Your Vet!”