Equine Diarrhea


Research into Development of the Foal’s Gut Could Advance Treatment of Critical Cases of Diarrhea

The foal’s gut undergoes many changes as it develops rapidly.  More and more, we are learning how the colonization of a gut correlates to good health.  Exploring the differences in foal microbiomes and how those differences may tie in with overall health has PhD Candidate, Jennifer MacNicol, very excited about the potential advancements the research…

Mares and foal running

Recent UofG Grad Joins Research to Improve Survival of Horses with Diarrhea and Critically Ill Foals

Dr. Diego Gomez completed his Ph.D. at the University of Guelph in 2017 under Dr. Scott Weese and Dr. Luis Arroyo working on infectious diseases.  With a keen interest to reduce mortality rates in critically ill horses, Gomez is now in the midst of three important studies – two involving fluid therapies for foals and…