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Pasture with growth of 8 to 11 inches

Introduction to Forage Latest Addition to Online Courses for Horse People

With forage recommended as approximately 80% of your equine’s diet, a caretaker with straight A’s in selection and management of hay and pasture is a horse’s best friend.  Join expert in the field, Dr. Paul Sharpe, for the inaugural offering of the Introduction to Forage online course this Mar 21 – Apr 1, 2022.  Whether…

Dr. Arroyo is researching gut health and Fecal Transplantation in horses

New Equine Fecal Transplant Research

By Jackie Bellamy-Zions for the Equine Guelph Annual Research Update – Volume 19 Fecal transplantation has been very successful in treating humans with issues such as C-difficile infection, which is also a leading cause of diarrhea in horses.  Ontario Veterinary College researcher, Dr. Luis Arroyo and his team are about to begin a study which…

Diagram of a horse digestive tract

Equine Supplement Research Explores Potential Gastric Health Benefits

Collaborating on three recent research papers on a nutraceutical called ‘Gs Formula’, Dr. Wendy Pearson, PhD Associate Professor, at the University of Guelph has been very busy.  Approached by GS Organic solutions out in BC, Pearson has been investigating the potential for Gs Formula to improve gastric health, particularly for horses with a history of…