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Horses drinking from trough

Winter Water Woes and Colic Prevention

Nothing can drain the colour from a horse owner’s face quicker than hearing the word COLIC!  Winter is an important season to focus on colic prevention and ward off water woes that can lead to impaction in the equine gut.   Equine Guelph has many resources to reduce your horse’s risk of colic, including a FREE interactive…

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Fuelling Wellness Symposium a Hit!

Stay tuned to catch videos from Equine Guelph’s presentation! Story by: Nicole Weidner Equine and pet nutrition enthusiasts came together on August 15th, 2020 to learn more about nutrition topics from experts around the world at the virtual Fuelling Wellness Symposium, co-hosted by Equine Guelph and the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Nutrition.   The event was a great success…