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Preventing Dehydration in Horses

Authors: Dr. Mike Lindinger & Gayle Ecker With exercise, the body temperature rises. This heat must be dissipated, or the horse will literally “cook”!  The body cools itself through the evaporation of sweat, so sweating is especially important for the exercising horse. The sweat contains water and electrolytes, or salts. The main electrolytes are sodium,…

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Testing 1-2-3 – Strangles Research

Strangles, the highly contagious upper respiratory disease caused by the bacterium, Streptococcus equi (S. equi) has been front and centre on social media lately with numerous disease alerts being posted.  These alerts are triggered by positive test results for S. equi and reported by an official laboratory to the provincial or state veterinary office.  Given…

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Horse Portal Extends Free Offer to Youth

Start Early with Sickness Prevention! Learning healthy habits early makes biosecurity second nature and that is why Equine Guelph is offering their Sickness Prevention in Horses  short online course on TheHorsePortal.ca FREE to teenagers (14 – 17).  The March 18 – 29 offering of this course will be open to the grass roots of the…

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Your Vaccination Program may be Impacted by Climate Change

Learn more during Equine Guelph’s Vaccination Education Month in March Have you noticed bug season starting earlier and finishing later?  Have changes in the weather caused more standing water in your paddocks? If you answered yes to these questions and wonder how climate change may impact your horses, not to mention your vaccination program, read…

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EquiMania! and TheHorsePortal.ca have Resources For Ag Safety Week

March 10 – 16, 2024 is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW) – an annual campaign held the third week of March of each year.  EquiMania! supports the campaign for #FarmSafetyEveryday with many free games and resources to keep youth safe on horse farms and until the end of March TheHorsePortal.ca is offering a free online…

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Colic Prevention Education Month 2024 Focuses on GI Health for Your Horse

February is Equine Guelph’s Colic Prevention Education Month when we tackle the number one killer of horses with our highly popular free healthcare tool, Colic Risk Rater (http://www.thehorseportal.ca/ColicTool). After you complete the free risk rater to assess your horse’s risk, you will have the option to learn more by signing up for Equine Guelph’s short…

Dr Arroyo discusses equine gut health in Equine Guelph 2024 Research Annual

A Stable Gut:  The Key to a Healthy Equine

Equine Guelph 2024 Research Annual Volume 21 – cover story by: Jackie Bellamy-Zions Gastrointestinal issues (GI) are the number one cause of morbidity in horses other than old age.   An unhealthy digestive system can cause poor performance, pain, discomfort, diarrhea, and a whole host of issues that can sideline your horse.  It’s no wonder researchers…

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20th Anniversary Feature with Shawna Ward

Alumni, Shawna Ward shares her passion for equine management after taking Equine Guelph’s online 12-week courses. The nutrition course in particular has reduced Shawna’s horse keeping costs. Forage based diets was a topic of great interest for Shawna. The following downloadable information sheet explains key take-aways and the benefits of feeding a forage based diet.

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20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Monica Laane-Fralick

20th Anniversary Alumni, Monica Laane-Fralick has a real appreciation for welfare-based management strategies thanks to Equine Guelph’s 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about the myths in some traditional stable management practices and dispelling them with evidence-based sources such as those provided by Equine Guelph courses. Anthropomorphism (attribution of human characteristics/behaviours to animals) can create misunderstandings…

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20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Mary Gibson

20th Anniversary Alumni, Mary has a real appreciation for environmental stewardship thanks to Equine Guelph’s 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about ways to use natural resources in every day barn management, improving ventilation and the benefits of composting manure.

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20 Years of Supporting the Global Equine Community 

By: Anya Barradas This summer, Equine Guelph celebrates its 20th anniversary. The award-winning centre at the University of Guelph is dedicated to improving the health and welfare of horses through education and research.   “Over the years, our centre has become a model for online equine education programs and a hub for horse professionals from around…

20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Robin Vanheeswyk

20th Anniversary Alumni, Robin Vanheeswyk has a growing interest in equine nutrition thanks to Equine Guelph’s online 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about the issues in equine nutrition pertaining to overfeeding horses which in turn can cause health problems, behavioural issues and also hit the rider in the pocketbook.