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Racehorse Respiratory Health Course Completes the Trifecta in Winter Online Learning Series!

Equine Guelph has partnered with Standardbred Canada, Ontario Racing and Central Ontario Standardbred Association (COSA) to offer three online courses in Winter of 2024 in priority healthcare areas of respiratory, lameness and gut health. Sponsored by Standardbred Canada, the Racehorse Respiratory Health course  is the final course in this winter series. The two-week online short…

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Air Quality and Air Pollution’s Impact on Your Horse’s Lungs

Story by:  Dr. Janet Beeler-Marfisi There’s nothing like hearing a horse cough to set people scurrying around the barn to identify the culprit. After all, that cough could mean choke, or a respiratory virus has found its way into the barn. It could also indicate equine asthma. Yes, even those “everyday coughs” that we sometimes…