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20th Anniversary Feature with Shawna Ward

Alumni, Shawna Ward shares her passion for equine management after taking Equine Guelph’s online 12-week courses. The nutrition course in particular has reduced Shawna’s horse keeping costs. Forage based diets was a topic of great interest for Shawna. The following downloadable information sheet explains key take-aways and the benefits of feeding a forage based diet.

Diagram of a horse digestive tract

The Healthy Horse: Understanding the Role of Equine Digestion & Nutrition Webinar

Take a journey through the horse’s digestive system in a free webinar April 14, 7pm-8:15pm EST.  Equine Guelph’s life size model of the digestive system will be featured so participants can identify what the entire tract looks like, how it works, and what this means for feeding horses. This  interactive webinar will help viewers understand strategies and…