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Caring for our Seniors’ Hooves

As we age, jumping out of bed ready and raring to go may cease to be the norm.  It is often replaced by a few groans, moans, creaks, cracks and slow maneuvers before we kick into gear!  The same may be true for your senior horse; challenges with stiff joints, laminitis and hoof issues are all more…

BBRM Videos

Horse Care During Covid Video Series & Positive Community Stories

Videos on Covid-19 specific health topics, such as saddle fit, farrier work and financial tips have been created by University of Guelph students. Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) degree program students, majoring in Equine Management have been working with Dr. Katrina Merkies to provide helpful information for horse communities across Canada during the Covid pandemic.…

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Hoof Care – Top Tips, Myth Busters and Finding the Balance

The importance of a good farrier is well understood by knowledgeable horse owners who reap the benefits of diligent, routine care.  In an interview with Certified Journeyman Farrier, Sean Elliott,  we gained some great tips for promoting hoof health and learned some pitfalls to avoid. Top tips for hoof health are nutrition, a dry environment and balance. Nutrition: “If…