Large Animal Emergency Rescue workshop using a glide as special equipment

First Responders Ready for Large Animal Emergency Rescue

2023 has seen an uptick in training of first responders with over seven fire departments, two mounted police units and five veterinary clinics participating in training this year.  The next stop for Equine Guelph’s Large Animal Emergency Rescue (LAER) training team will be at the Ontario Veterinary College, October 21, for a special offering for…

Equine Guelph 20th anniversary logo

20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Stacey Jennings

Equine Guelph alumni Sargent Stacey Jennings, has a real appreciation for stable management, including paddock management, thanks to Equine Guelph’s 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about fencing, water options, paddock dangers and the presence of wildlife on the property.

Careers showcase logo

New Equine Careers Showcase for Exploring Career Pathways in the Horse Industry

Ever considered a career in the horse industry?  78 roles are represented in the newly launched Equine Careers Showcase which can be found on Equine Guelph’s website!If you receive Equine Guelph’s free monthly E-news, then you have already seen the early release of videos with horse professionals, sharing their journey and career pathways.  The…

Equine Guelph 20th anniversary logo

20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Mary Gibson

20th Anniversary Alumni, Mary has a real appreciation for environmental stewardship thanks to Equine Guelph’s 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about ways to use natural resources in every day barn management, improving ventilation and the benefits of composting manure.

Large Animal Emergency Rescue course participants

First Responders are Gaining and Implementing Skills for Large Animal Emergency Rescue

The next stop for Equine Guelph’s Large Animal Emergency Rescue (LAER) training team will be Ashburn, Ontario on Sept 16 and 17, 2023.  The two-day operational level course, presented by Equine Guelph (University of Guelph), WindReach Farm and Scugog Fire Department, will be important training for emergency response teams that are called out to extricate…

20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Robin Vanheeswyk

20th Anniversary Alumni, Robin Vanheeswyk has a growing interest in equine nutrition thanks to Equine Guelph’s online 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about the issues in equine nutrition pertaining to overfeeding horses which in turn can cause health problems, behavioural issues and also hit the rider in the pocketbook.

smoke and horses grazing

Disease specialist speaks to importance of protecting pets, livestock from air pollution

Air pollution from smokestorms, smog, dust can cause lung damage: Dr. Beeler-Marfisi First published by the Wellington Advertiser – Robin George July 8, 2023 When air thick with haze and the acrid smell of wildfire smoke pushes air quality health indexes to high levels, people are advised to remain indoors. But what about animals? The…

Equine Guelph director Gayle Ecker presents a talk at Horse Day in Erin, ON

Show and Tail at Horse Day Erin

A town where unicorns, ponies, horses, dogs, goats, sheep, humans and one mermaid were recently observed delivering important messages about the wonderful world of equines to face-painted children wearing horse hats. This rare sighting was documented on May 27, 2023 at the Erin Fairgrounds during HorseDay Erin. Gayle Ecker, Equine Guelph’s director, was at the…

Equine Welfare Best Practices

Equine Guelph 20th Anniversary Special Feature Graduate of Equine Guelph’s Equine Business Management Certificate in 2021, Heather Sproul has optimized her horse husbandry with Equine Guelph’s online 12-week courses and set up a business offering equine massage. During what is now Equine Guelph’s 20th anniversary year of offering award-winning online courses for the horse industry,…

Dr. Luis Arroyo

Screening for biomarkers & indicators of intestinal health among equine microbiota

No one will argue that prevention is better than cure and early intervention is certainly preferable to watching an equine partner go from not feeling 100% to being completely sidelined.  Ontario Veterinary College researcher, Dr. Luis Arroyo is embarking on a very interesting collaborative study that may result in the ability to detect the first…

Annual Investment in Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training

For the past three years, Hamilton Mounted Police have sent their officers to receive hands on training at Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training workshops provided by Equine Guelph.  They fully appreciate the value of practicing successful outcomes for situations they may be called out to respond to.  The refresher course on April 19, 2023 at…

Cynthia Naydani

Equine Guelph: An Online Portal to Unlimited Possibilities

Story by: Anya Barradas, Ontario Veterinary College Students and faculty from more than 40 countries around the world form the foundation of Equine Guelph’s online community. Regardless of their academic backgrounds, their goals or their reasons for enrolling, students from different walks of life can adapt the courses to their specific needs and interests. What…