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OEEEP Program Continues Creating Pathways to Employment in the Equine Industry

With an increasing number of want ads on horse industry job boards, there is no denying the equine industry is clamouring for suitable employees.  Speaking with three facilitators of the Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program (OEEEP) it becomes abundantly clear, this is a Win-Win program for those looking to embark on a career with…

The OEEEP is a win-win program, with free training for potential workers and wage incentives for employers. (24K-Production/stock.adobe.com)

OEEEP: Supplying Employees for the Horse Industry

The Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program prepares students for horse-related jobs and encourages businesses to sign on with wage incentives. First posted by Horse Sport Magazine: June 21, 2023 Most horse farm owners, breeders, show barns and racing businesses can agree that finding suitable employees can be extremely difficult, frustrating and time-consuming. The Ontario…

Program participants in 2022 were appreciative about the training they received, and the help in finding employment. (pikselstock - stock.adobe.com)

OEEEP Returns: Training Employees for Horse Industry Careers

The Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program is in its second year of preparing participants for equine jobs – for free. First posted by: Horse Sport – April 7, 2023 The Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program got an encouraging start last year and is back for 2023, providing barn and business owners with a pool of…