Stop Think Act this Canadian Agricultural Safety Week!

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The third week of March (Mar 14 – 20, 2021) is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW) – a public awareness campaign focusing on the importance of farm safety. #AgSafeCanada. Workplace Safety & Prevention Services has many ways to help you promote farm safety in your community with its range of programs to help farm-related organizations, including the popular Stop Think Act initiative.  Equine Guelph has incorporated this popular initiative into both its online learning platforms and its youth program, EquiMania!

Stop Think Act photo frame
EquiMania! safety ambassadors spread the message to Stop Think Act

“Equine Guelph programs and volunteers help young people, adults and first responders learn about many topics related to horse health and safety. Stop Think Act is a natural fit with our interactive programs,” says Gayle Ecker, Director, Equine Guelph.

Both the youth and adult offerings of Equine Guelph’s popular online short course, Horse Behaviour and Safety, feature many resources including a number of videos from the Stop Think Act program.  They build awareness of the dangers that exist on horse farms both around equipment and the horses themselves.  Videos include such topics as ATV’s, electrical safety, barn fire prevention, safety around machinery, when friends visit the farm and more.  The online youth offering (recommended for 13 – 17 years of age) of Horse Behaviour & Safety is now available on demand for a special price of only $25!

EquiMania! introduced a Stop Think Act hopscotch game to the award-winning exhibit in 2017 which really encouraged kids to jump on making good choices when it comes to safety around horses and safety on the farm.  The older youth showed they were on board with the important safety messaging, by snapping up the Stop Think Act photo frame – a cool way to spread the word amongst friends on social media.  The fun does not stop in the EquiMania! booth.  A Stop Think Act – Safety Pledge Certificate can be earned at EquiMania! online so check out the interactive games at

If you are thinking of adding farm safety to your organizations program, we highly recommend checking out the Stop Think Act resources.