Horses 101 E-Book from Equine Guelph

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Equine Guelph just released a 50-page downloadable E-book comprised of their most popular information sheets, plus some new handy checklists for horse owners.  It is FREE for all Equine Guelph E-news subscribers!

“From the Horse Health Check to useful checklists, it is sure to be a practical resource for horse-owners and caretakers,” says Equine Guelph director, Gayle Ecker. 

Information at your fingertips with fact sheets and links to related interactive activities and helpful videos are all in one place, right when you need them.  Body condition score, colic prevention, dehydration checks, routine maintenance and some basic nutrition pointers will set  new horse owners on a path to provide the best possible care for their equine.  Experienced care takers will love the easy searchability for refreshers on the latest in evidence-based information when it comes to horse welfare.

New checklists include a health record sheet, stall card and things to look for when choosing a boarding barn.

Current subscribers to Equine Guelph’s free monthly E-news need only update their profile to receive the link to the free download and access to the members only page.  New members can sign up at