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Whether you are brushing up on Emergency Preparedness with a course in equine first aid or other stable management priorities like learning what’s in your forage; has been helping equestrians advance their knowledge with one and two-week online courses that are easy to fit into busy schedules.

Thirteen short courses on hot topics give students the evidence-based micro-credentials they are looking for.   The global learning community boasts highly qualified instructors, including veterinarians and top experts in their fields, sharing a wealth of knowledge in the discussion forums. 

Launched in January 2017, Equine Guelph partnered with ten English-speaking provincial equestrian federations across Canada to offer their members equine training and education with two courses on the national standards for caring for equines and how to implement best practices for biosecurity.

“The partner list has grown as quickly as the course offerings and now over 2,800 students from North America and around the world have been praising for delivering practical training that can be used on a daily basis,” says Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph. “We have also offered, and continue to develop, specialized and customized training programs for the equine industry.”

New courses under development include a course on transporting horses and equine welfare assessment training. 

Dr. Bobsien with senior horse trained to Intermediare 2 and semi-retired to Dressage demos.

This fall, The Senior Horse course will be offered for the first time from Sept 19 – 30 to help owners learn more about the signs of aging and the changes related to maturing horses, in order to meet their unique needs.  Course instructor, Dr. Bettina Bobsien reminds us of an important concept that applies to senior horses, “Old age is not a disease.”  Aging should never be used as an excuse to allow health issues to continue when treatment options are available that can improve quality of life.

Bobsien is a Vancouver Island-based veterinarian with a lifelong passion for both animal care and animal welfare, working with both the BCSPCA and Humane Canada on a variety of animal welfare issues.  She is currently the chair of the CVMA Animal Welfare Committee, chair of The Equestrian Canada Health and Welfare Committee, and the veterinary ethics editor for the Canadian Veterinary Journal.

What students are saying:

Introduction to Forage –

“[Course Instructor] Dr Paul Sharpe was a wealth of knowledge throughout this course! I strongly recommend this course to any horses owner or to professionals in any aspect of the equine industry as a general refresher course.”
Allison Northey, Equine Supply & Feed Specialist and Hunter-Jumper competitor, Peterborough, ON

Equine Business 101 (On-demand self-paced course) –
“The Equine Business 101 course is a great way to learn about what you need to start your own equine business. It walks you through the steps you need to take and directs you to extra resources. It has personal testimonies from people who are successful business owners that give the course a personal feel. I started the course not having any idea about how to go about starting my own business and came away from the course feeling confident that I could do it.”
Kris Church, Ontario

Equine First Aid
“Another exceptionally well-done course! The First Aid techniques are laid out methodically, the videos are detail-rich & all the professionals who contribute to the course are well versed in specific fields. It’s an informational buffet! Equine Guelph is without a doubt the best online source of equine related education!”
Kevan Garecki, Commercial Transport, Abbotsford, BC

Horse Behaviour and Safety
“I loved this course so much I’m going to register for the Diploma in Equine Studies Course! Thank you Equine Guelph for making it easy to learn while still being a wife, mother, business owner, etc!”
Shelby Kennedy

“As a person, looking to purchase our first horse, I can attest: nothing could prepare me better than series of on-line courses offered by the University of Guelph. The knowledge shared by instructors and on-line discussions with fellow students make me feel ready to take on a challenge and become a responsible owner of an equine.”
Nadya Scharfenberg, Prospective Horse Owner, Holstein, ON

“I can’t thank Equine Guelph enough for this opportunity,” 
says Rwese. “It was convenient; I could study anywhere with the flexible online learning. It was affordable and it has really been a door opener.”
Sandra Rwese, Kampala, Uganda
Watch a video on how Rwese started working with the Uganda Olympic Committee and the Uganda Equestrian Association (UEA) after taking the Horse Behaviour and Safety course.

Thinking of joining the growing online horse community committed to providing the best care for their horses? requirements are simple: a love for horses and an age of 16 or older (except for the popular youth offering of Horse Behaviour and Safety).  Equestrian Canada recognizes Equine Guelph online courses as qualifying for continuing education credits for their coaches.

From racing to performance to the backyard pony, was developed to cater to and benefit all segments of the equine industry.  Have a look at the full list of courses and certificates on offer and register today!