The Senior Horse – Fall ’22

Sep 19 – Sep 30

2 wks (5-10 hrs/wk)


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This course opens on 09/19/2022.

Caring for the Senior Horse

Welcome to Equine Guelph’s Senior Horse course! This Equine Guelph short online course will cover everything to do with senior horse care. This course will be divided into 10 units that can be completed at your own pace over the course period. At the end of each unit there are some learning activities that can help you review that material.  You should expect to spend about 10-15 hours on this course.  

Throughout this course there will be readings, links to more resources, videos and interactive activities. We have also included interviews with senior horse owners since we can often learn a lot from each other’s experiences. 

Since this introductory course is designed for personal development and not for credit, you will be given a certificate of completion from Equine Guelph if you complete all the required activities (edit wording re: how they can get a certificate). 

  • Introduction to the course 
  • Defining a senior horse  
  • Teeth, body condition and thermoregulation  
  • Nutrition 
  • Lameness  
  • Biosecurity and Vaccinations 
  • Breeding  
  • Housing and Fire Safety  
  • End of Life  
  • Summary and Continuing Education  
  • Understand how to define a senior horse 
  • Describe the changes related to aging in horses (e.g. teeth, body condition, thermoregulation)  
  • Discuss some appropriate nutritional approaches for senior horses   
  • Explain what might cause lameness in a senior horse and what lameness looks like  
  • Understand what biosecurity is, why it’s important, and the basics of developing a biosecurity plan  
  • Understand what might be involved with breeding senior horses (e.g. risks, procedures and costs)   
  • List Management Recommendations and Minimum Requirements for housing the senior horse, and important tips for fire safety  
  • Describe how to evaluate a horse’s quality of life and create an end of life plan  

Time Commitment

  • Occurs over a 2-week period
  • 5-10 hour time commitment is required during this period
  • No set times to be online each week
  • Recommended you visit the course site at least 5 times a week, preferably once or more each day


  • All materials are provided online within course site


  • 16 years of age or older

Certificate of Completion Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Equine Guelph – the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph.

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