Happy 20th Anniversary Equine Guelph!


July 1, 2023 marks Equine Guelph’s 20th Anniversary. Over 20 years ago, several dedicated individuals with a vision worked together to create Equine Guelph, a centre for the horse owner at the University of Guelph, by the industry and for the industry.  

A note from Equine Guelph’s director, Gayle Ecker

As Director of Equine Guelph, I want to first share my thanks to the partners, donors, sponsors, Council members, instructors and guest speaker, volunteers and supporters in both the University and in the horse industry — Equine Guelph would not be where it is today with your support, that has taken many forms over the years.  It has also been my honour to have had the greatest staff I could ever ask for over those 20 years!  Dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, and willing to keep pushing Equine Guelph to build our programs in service to the horse industry.  Thank you to my wonderful staff, Dr. Susan Raymond, Dr. Nicole Weidner, Henrietta Coole, Matt Houlahan, David Finlay, Jackie Bellamy-Zions, (my current staff) along with Dianne Gibbard, (who was on the staff until recently).  Every member of this team contributes in unique and wonderful ways to build our programs – EquiMania! for youth, TheHorsePortal for horse owners, the Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program (our newest program with OHHA and VPI), the Large Animal Emergency Rescue training, our Certificate and Diploma programs with OpenEd (for the Equine Science, Welfare and Business Certificates and Diploma programs).  And to the researchers and research funding groups that drive the equine research in Ontario to generate more knowledge which then goes to vets, vets in training and to horse owners.

And a thank you to our dedicated students who push themselves to be “always the student” and continue to be an important part of our learning community to learn about horse care and prevention, and staying up-to-date on new information to help support health, welfare and safety!  It has been such a wonderful 20 years building Equine Guelph with all of you and getting to know so many people in our horse industry!