Free Online Racing-Exclusive Courses Back for Winter 2024!

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Thanks to Equine Guelph’s incredible racing industry education partners, Equine Guelph will host three racing-exclusive online courses again on in the winter of 2024. With funding from Central Ontario Standardbred Association, Ontario Racing and Standardbred Canada, these short courses will be available free (value $95) for AGCO licensees and Standardbred Canada members.

Equine Guelph offers specialized online courses this winter to address racehorse healthcare priorities

“Racehorses are elite athletes and peak performance can only be achieved with optimal health.  Given the demanding life of the equine athlete, racehorses are at risk for respiratory issues, gut health issues, lameness and injury every day,” says Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph.  “There are daily practices that can be employed to reduce the risk and we are pleased to share this practical information with the industry.”

Trainers, grooms, owners and other industry stakeholders from the Standardbred, Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing sectors will reap the benefits of learning the latest in equine healthcare through free access to these three online courses developed to address the top three industry-identified healthcare issues facing racehorses:

#1. Racehorse Lameness/Injury Prevention & Care, Jan 22 – Feb 2, sponsored by Ontario Racing:

Learn how to notice the small, subtle changes which signify something is amiss prior to noticeable lameness, at which point irreparable damage could have already occurred.  Pick up tips on signs of lameness to watch for and when to take a break from training. Dr. Melissa McKee will act as course instructor.

#2. Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/Colic Prevention, Feb  12-23, sponsored by Central Ontario Standardbred Association:

Learn from experts how to reduce the chance of digestive tract issues in the barn and improve your horse’s performance on the track. Course instructor, Dr. Nicole Weidner, will be discussing common causes of gut health issues such as ulcers and colic as well as providing advice for early detection and prevention.

#3. Racehorse Respiratory Health, Mar 4-15, sponsored by Standardbred Canada:

Doctors Sarah Shaw and Amy Lack will return as the course co-instructors for the Racehorse Respiratory Health online course. Participants will learn daily practices that can optimize health and performance and reduce the risk of respiratory issues in equine athletes. The issue of bleeding will be a major point of discussion in this year’s offering.

The flexible two-week online courses are available 24/7 and feature a lively Discussion Board where students have the opportunity to submit questions to the experts! Industry members are encouraged to sign up for one or all three courses, and repeat students are welcome back to join in the new discussions this winter.

Equine Guelph is pleased to welcome back Industry Ambassadors Ruleen Lilley and Renée Kierans for a third year. Lilley and Kierans will represent the Standardbred and Thoroughbred sectors, respectively, as peer helpers in all three courses. They will be online to assist course participants, ask practical questions to industry experts on behalf of their sector and encourage lively, robust online discussions between students from the different racing sectors.

Help your racehorses reach their full potential. For those who have never taken an online course before, no prior online learning experience is required. Limited registrations are available.  Be sure to hold the dates and register now for these two-week racing-exclusive online courses!

Sign-up instructions:

Standardbred Canada members – (free)

AGCO licensees – (free)

COSA members – (free)

Industry members outside of Ontario: Register at ($95CDN)