Horse Portal Extends Free Offer to Youth

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Start Early with Sickness Prevention!

Learning healthy habits early makes biosecurity second nature and that is why Equine Guelph is offering their Sickness Prevention in Horses  short online course on FREE to teenagers (14 – 17).  The March 18 – 29 offering of this course will be open to the grass roots of the equine industry so they can learn good habits to keep horses from getting sick.

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Before heading out to that first special event of the year, learn what precautions to take before strolling into a new stall.  Learn the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and plan a packing list that sets you up to take home fond memories, not an unexpected disease. 

You will learn the importance of regularly disinfecting the horse trailer and asking the right questions if someone else is trailering your horse to ensure biosecurity procedures have taken place between loads of horses. course timing could not be more perfect for pre-season planning and springtime vaccinations.  Protecting the health of your horse is easy with Equine Guelph’s Sickness Prevention in Horses online short course offered on

You will learn best practices for cleaning communal spaces like the wash stall and cross ties and why the communal water trough is to be avoided.  Around the farm there are many ways to reduce the spread of germs, such as not sharing equipment, reducing fly breeding grounds and other useful tips to defend herd health.

You will learn about disease prevention and procedures vets and horse owners follow when faced with a diagnosis of disease such as Herpes virus.  Based on the Canadian standard for equine biosecurity, and kindly sponsored by Zoetis, the Sickness Prevention in Horses short online course breaks down important information into easy, practical tips you can use right away.

Registration is available for adults for $95 at and for a limited time teens (14 – 17) register free.  Maintaining health is everyone’s responsibility.  Register today for Sickness Prevention in Horses offered Mar 18 – 29, 2024!