Day 5

Welcome to Day 5

Today we have a number activities dealing with rider safety.  It is a busy day!

Today’s group discussions – could this happen to you?

The following happened to someone who is involved in our education program. Please read and discuss with your group – what might have helped to prevent this injury from occurring?

“I want to share my riding mishap experience with you all in the hope that someone else might benefit from it. Last Thursday I was taking a lesson on a school horse that I have been riding once a week for the past 4 months. I had taken 2 consecutive lessons last week and this was the third. The extra lessons were needed to prepare for a riding test and upcoming job opportunity.

This school horse is always explosive on the lunge line but usually very compliant to ride after his lunging session. As it was my third consecutive lesson my coach and I both agreed that he probably would not need to be lunged before this last lesson. Especially as he had been fairly undemonstrative on the lunge line before the last two lessons. After 10 mins into the lesson he took off, full tilt, dropped his shoulder and projected me into the arena wall. He proceeded to storm around the arena with gusto having deposited me rather easily from his back;) I suffered a mild concussion and broken collar bone with plenty of soft tissue injury to the left shoulder. Not nice…can’t drive or type with two hands and sleep is next to impossible.”

What might have helped prevent this from occurring? please discuss with your group.

And question – Do helmets expire?

Here are a few more tips you may not have considered for properly fitting a helmet.

Oh, and yes helmets do expire.  The protective materials inside them degrade over time.  They will degrade faster if left in hot cars… so it is best to store your helmet in a climate controlled environment.

Check out this article:

Have a great weekend