End of Week One!

Hi Everyone,

Great job on Week One!

So far this week we have looked at the different life that we now ask of our horses compared to their wild/feral cousins and the implications for their care and the impact on their welfare by reviewing the Five Freedoms (for those that want to dive deeper into this area, there is a new concept called The Five Freedoms, by esteemed scholar, Dr. David Mellor) and how they have been used to develop the Canadian equine code.  We also took a look at our obligations as owners and caretakers, and then looked at some management features, such as fencing and bedding.  And we quickly learn how much money needs to be set aside for upgrades and repairs beyond the basic costs of horse care.

We had an introduction to Fire Safety, and many may relate to this risk after reading the issues down in the U.S. with major areas wiping out vast areas due to the fires (we have a separate course on this as well on how to reduce your risks).  Today, we look at feeds and feeding for horses and the important role of forage as a major part of the balanced, healthy diet for a horse.  There is a quiz as well, for those that want to have their Certificate of Completion.

So looking forward to more discussions on these important issues for our horses health and welfare.