Welcome to Day 10 – An Introduction to Ulcers

We have reached the end of our second week!

Now that you have developing more knowledge about colic risks and ways to reduce the risks, we now want to divert our attention to the important issue of ulcers.  Research is showing that ulcers are much more prevalent than we previously believed.  This has led to some great advancements in research to understand ulcers, and the different types, along with some important information about prevention.  We will also be having special veterinary guests from the racing industry join us next week and this will give you a great opportunity to ask questions about ulcers and race horses.

Our guest speaker, nutritionist Don Kapper, continues to be with us this week as well, so check the Guest Speaker sections and ask your questions.

So, take a look at the course activities for today on ulcers, so you can gain a deeper understanding of the preventative strategies that you can employ.