Week 2 – Guest Expert Discussion

Today we welcome our guest expert – Dr. Alison Moore.  Dr. Moore has joined us for the week to address questions (Discussion Forum – Guest Expert).  Reminder – Dr. Moore may not have the time to answer all questions presented.  Discussions must be general in nature – our guest cannot diagnose in this forum.

To learn more about Dr. Moore

Dr. Alison Moore

Dr. Moore is a veterinary specialist from Cambridge, Ontario who holds double Board Certification in both Equine Internal Medicine and Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. She has been involved in the performance horse industry since a young age and has been active in the Standardbred racehorse industry as an owner, breeder and veterinarian. Over the last 14 years she developed a specialty practice that focused on performance problems in racehorses and sport horses. Over the years, she has been appointed to a number of provincial and national equine working groups, task forces, Boards and committees concerning equine veterinary issues and has been committed to ensuring that practicing veterinarians remain at the forefront of regulatory decisions regarding the health and welfare of horses. Recently, she joined the Animal Health and Welfare Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture where she continues to provide veterinary expertise to the Province.