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20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Stacey Jennings

Equine Guelph alumni police constable, Stacey Jennings, has a real appreciation for stable management, including paddock management, thanks to Equine Guelph’s 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about fencing, water options, paddock dangers and the presence of wildlife on the property.

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New Equine Careers Showcase for Exploring Career Pathways in the Horse Industry

Ever considered a career in the horse industry?  78 roles are represented in the newly launched Equine Careers Showcase which can be found on Equine Guelph’s EquineJobTrack.ca website!If you receive Equine Guelph’s free monthly E-news, then you have already seen the early release of videos with horse professionals, sharing their journey and career pathways.  The…

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September is Senior Horse Education Month at Equine Guelph

We love our senior citizens of the equine community.  Keeping up with their changing needs as they age becomes easy with the resources available from Equine Guelph.  Learning to advocate for the health and welfare of your silent senior is a duty every horse owner will eventually encounter.  A great place to check your preparedness…

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20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Mary Gibson

20th Anniversary Alumni, Mary has a real appreciation for environmental stewardship thanks to Equine Guelph’s 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about ways to use natural resources in every day barn management, improving ventilation and the benefits of composting manure.

Large Animal Emergency Rescue course participants

First Responders are Gaining and Implementing Skills for Large Animal Emergency Rescue

The next stop for Equine Guelph’s Large Animal Emergency Rescue (LAER) training team will be Ashburn, Ontario on Sept 16 and 17, 2023.  The two-day operational level course, presented by Equine Guelph (University of Guelph), WindReach Farm and Scugog Fire Department, will be important training for emergency response teams that are called out to extricate…

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20 Years of Supporting the Global Equine Community 

By: Anya Barradas This summer, Equine Guelph celebrates its 20th anniversary. The award-winning centre at the University of Guelph is dedicated to improving the health and welfare of horses through education and research.   “Over the years, our centre has become a model for online equine education programs and a hub for horse professionals from around…

New Provincial Foundations Officials Course on offer at TheHorsePortal.ca

Provincial Foundations Officials Course – Here Comes the Judge! 

It’s official!  Five provincial equestrian associations have partnered with Equine Guelph to offer online training for those interested in becoming horse show judges in grass roots circuits.  Entry level judges are a vital part of equestrian sport and beginning this spring the opportunity to train to become a recognized provincial official will be offered on TheHorsePortal.ca through the new…

20th Anniversary Special Feature with Alumni Robin Vanheeswyk

20th Anniversary Alumni, Robin Vanheeswyk has a growing interest in equine nutrition thanks to Equine Guelph’s online 12-week online courses. Of great interest was learning about the issues in equine nutrition pertaining to overfeeding horses which in turn can cause health problems, behavioural issues and also hit the rider in the pocketbook.

Erin Horse Day donates to Equine Guelph

Erin Horse Day Supports Equine Welfare

HorseDay Erin, held in early June at the Erin Fairgrounds, gave back to the local equine community to support horse education and horse welfare.  “One of the goals of HorseDay Erin is to create a long term, community event, that supports horses in Erin, in Wellington County, and throughout Ontario.” says Bridget Ryan, event organizer. …

Disease specialist speaks to importance of protecting pets, livestock from air pollution

Air pollution from smokestorms, smog, dust can cause lung damage: Dr. Beeler-Marfisi First published by the Wellington Advertiser – Robin George July 8, 2023 When air thick with haze and the acrid smell of wildfire smoke pushes air quality health indexes to high levels, people are advised to remain indoors. But what about animals? The…

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Happy 20th Anniversary Equine Guelph!

July 1, 2023 marks Equine Guelph’s 20th Anniversary. Over 20 years ago, several dedicated individuals with a vision worked together to create Equine Guelph, a centre for the horse owner at the University of Guelph, by the industry and for the industry.   A note from Equine Guelph’s director, Gayle Ecker As Director of Equine…

Pony grazing by approaching forest fire

Air Quality and Air Pollution’s Impact on Your Horse’s Lungs

Story by:  Dr. Janet Beeler-Marfisi There’s nothing like hearing a horse cough to set people scurrying around the barn to identify the culprit. After all, that cough could mean choke, or a respiratory virus has found its way into the barn. It could also indicate equine asthma. Yes, even those “everyday coughs” that we sometimes…