Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program

Nov 8 – Dec 31

This course opens on 11/08/2021.

The goals of the Program focus on those interested in starting level Groom/Caretaker positions to:   

  • Develop a positive self-concept by learning the necessary skills for being a groom. 
  • Practice making good decisions when caring for the equine athlete 
  • Demonstrate the value of learning so that the learning pathway of lifetime learning will be viewed positively by students 

Content for the course 

  1. The Horse:  Identification, Anatomy, Physiology, Gaits of the Horse, Behaviour 
  2. Handling the Horse:  Basic Handling Skills, Basic Safety 
  3. Care of the Horse:  Horse Health, Disease Prevention 
  4. Nutrition:  Feeds, Feeding 
  5. Facilities and Management:  Daily Routine, Safety, Tack and Equipment 
  6. The Horse Industry in Ontario:  Association Contacts, EquineJobTrack, Employment  

Based on the Industry goals, students who successfully complete the program will be able to: 

  • Describe the basic skills and knowledge for employee and horse safety in the equine industry.  
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge for safe and effective basic care and management of the racehorse in a caring and humane fashion. 
  • Develop integrity and ethical standards that will help the industry to grow and develop for a sustainable future 
  • Understand the value of knowledge generated from research studies and to apply the information to improve the standards of care for equine athletes 
  • Work competently on a computer using basic skills for word processing, file opening, saving and sharing; conduct searches on the internet for quality information; and learn to function and contribute as part of the online community 


Gayle Ecker

Hours of Program: For the online portion, expect to spend xx hours per week studying and learning.   

You can find a list of the skills that you will need to acquire and learn in Appendix A.  During your work term, keep track of the skills you have learned. Ask your mentor about those skills that you may find difficult. 

Required Materials  

The following materials are required and are included with your registration:  

  •  TheHorsePortal.ca online course site 
  • Online course modules and other web-based resources  
  • Facilitator contact information through discussion forum 
  • Other helpful contact information 


OEEEP Program Members Only!

1 year of access