Fire Prevention Workshop Kit for Fire Departments

Host your own Fire Prevention Workshop for your community!

Available on this page are resources on barn fire prevention for fire departments to host workshops, presentations and/or distribute materials in their own communities for horse farm owners.

With the teaching resources included in this kit, you can host your own workshop.

Horse Owners – contact your local fire department and request this training. Help make it happen.

Workshop Resources:

Workshop certificate (pdf)

Workshop Evaluation: (Word and pdf)

Workshop Handouts:

Equine Guelph Top 10 Checklist (pdf)

Workshop Presentation:

Fire Prevention (Powerpoint)

Suggestions for Hands-On Activities:

1. Fire extinguisher training

2.Hazard hunt in barn / on farm – walk through

3. Smoke out in barn

4. Burn a bale

Please Note: Even people who are experienced with horses can be injured by them. When participating in activities that require close contact with horses we suggest you use great care and if you are unfamiliar with horses we recommend you work closely with someone who is an experienced and safe horse handler.

Additional Resources: 

Barn Fire Prevention Tool

Websites, videos and pdf’s


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Equine Guelph thanks all the fire protection professionals, our partners in fire prevention, for providing and reviewing content.


Collaborating partners include: Ontario Equestrian and Ontario Racing.

Other industry partners include:  Equestrian Canada, Farm & Food Care Ontario, Intercity Insurance Services, Meaford Fire Department Training Centre, Ontario Association of Equine Practitioners, Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Ontario Veterinary College, Professional Livestock Auditing Inc., Standardbred Canada, and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.