Resources for Horse Care and Welfare

This page is a collection of the many resources that are included within the course for quick reference, organized by course lesson.  For questions about these resources, or to request additional information about the topics presented, please send an email to [email protected]

Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines:

1.5 – Code of Practice

Code of Practice – Priority Issues

Equine Welfare is Everyone’s Responsibility

2,1 – Duty of Care

Equine Guelph’s “Help for Horse Owners” video series

Equine Guelph’s “HEALTH Flash!” videos

2.2 – Cost of Ownership

Equine Guelph template for Cost of Ownership (Excel spreadsheet)

More information about equine welfare from Equine Guelph

Equine Guelph YouTube Video on The Cost of Horse Ownership:

The Real Cost of Horse Ownership

3.1 – Facilities and Housing

What is a Horse? (interactive activity)

3.2 – Shelters, Fencing and Thermoregulation

5.1 – Feed and Water


The Digestive Tract (interactive activity)

5.4 – Nutrition Factsheets

The Mare: Pre-breeding

The Mare: Lactating

The Mare: Post-weaning

The Stallion

The Newborn Foal

The Weanling

The Equine Digestive System: A Food Factory

6.1 – Introduction to Health and Management

Equine Guelph’sBiosecurity CalculatorHealthcare tool

Equine Guelph YouTube Video – Biosecurity Tips for Horse Farms:

Worms and Germs Blog on Horses

6.2 – More Health management Strategies

Equine Guelph’s Vaccination Equiplanner Healthcare Tool

How to Collect Manure for a Fecal Egg Count (infosheet)

Equine Guelph YouTube Video – How to Collect a Fecal Sample:

Equine Guelph YouTube Video – Drug Resistance and Parasite Control:

Equine Guelph YouTube Video – Fecal Testing: Why and How to Perform Fecal Testing on your Horse:

7.1 – Vital Signs and the Horse Health Check

Horse Health Check (pdf)

Horse Health Tracker App from Equine Guelph

Equine Guelph’s Colic Risk Calculator Healthcare Tool

Equine Guelph’s Lameness Lab Healthcare Tool

7.2 – Body Condition Scoring

Equine Guelph’s Body Condition Scoring Healthcare Tool

Body Condition Scoring

Equine Code of Practice

7.3 – Section 5 of the Code

Horse Owners Fail to Recognize Dangers of Obesity – video (kindly provided by World Horse Welfare)

8.3 – Grooming


9.2 – Predicting Foaling Time

Foaling and Predicting Foaling Time (OMAFRA)

Responsible, Purposeful Breeding –  article from Equine Guelph

Normal signs of behaviour before and including foaling in mares

A Sequential Pictorial Essay of a Foaling

Three Stages of Labour, Colorado State

10.1 – Introduction to Transportation

Trailering with Safety in Mind

Trailer Safety Infosheet

10.2 – Change of Career

Second Careers for Racehorses

11.1 – Euthanasia

Can you age a horse by the teeth? (A YouTube Video from Equine Guelph)


11.2 – Euthanasia

Using Teeth to Determine Age (long – 15 minutes – but detailed)

It’s About Quality of Life

Final Goodbye

Euthanasia of Horses