Resources for Sickness Prevention

This page is a collection of the many additional resources that are included within the course for quick reference, organized by course lesson.  For questions about these resources, or to request additional information about the topics presented, please send an email to [email protected]

1.2 – What is Biosecurity?

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) National Farm and Facility Level Biosecurity Standard for the Equine Sector.

1.3 – Your Role

Clear and Present Danger: Reduce Your Horse’s Disease Risk

2.1 – Creating a Farm-Specific Biosecurity Plan

Creating a Farm Specific Biosecurity Plan

2.2 Biosecurity Risk Assessment

Checklist for self assessment

Biosecurity Risk Calulator

4.2 – Horse Health Check

Horse Health Check (pdf article)

4.4 – Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Interactive Tool

What to do if your horse is sick checklist (pdf)

Disaster Preparedness Infosheet (pdf)