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Firefighters in a horse rescue scenario

Ontario Firefighters Trained in Large Animal Emergency Rescue Techniques at Equine Guelph

On Canada Day long weekend, fire fighters from all over the province came to the University of Guelph to attend an intensive Large Animal Emergency Rescue (LAER) training program hosted by Equine Guelph.  Firefighters from Hamilton, Milton, Lucknow, Chatsworth, Caledon, Halton Hills, West Elgin, Ramara, Oakville and Essa Township participated in the two-and-a-half-day event, gaining…

Pictured with her horse Milo, Shelby Dennis receives the 2023 Roger L’Heureux Memorial Equine Award. Photo by: Carleen Giesler

From Passion to Profession: Shelby Embraces Equine Science

Shelby Dennis’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the transformative impact of education. Her journey with Equine Guelph’s Online Science Certificate program and the Roger L’Heureux Tuition Award is a narrative of triumph over traditional expectations and a celebration of lifelong learning.

horse legs kicking up dusty footing

Researching Biomarkers to Understand Joint Health

Horses, like humans, can suffer from joint diseases such as Osteoarthritis (OA) and Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), which can lead to pain and lameness. Currently, diagnosing these conditions early is challenging, and there’s no treatment that can reverse the damage. In a pathfinding study, Ontario Veterinary College researchers are investigating tiny molecules called microRNAs (miRNAs) present…

Horse drinking water

Preventing Dehydration in Horses

Authors: Dr. Mike Lindinger & Gayle Ecker With exercise, the body temperature rises. This heat must be dissipated, or the horse will literally “cook”!  The body cools itself through the evaporation of sweat, so sweating is especially important for the exercising horse. The sweat contains water and electrolytes, or salts. The main electrolytes are sodium,…

Who Knew Equine fun facts, line drawing

Horse Trivia Time!

Are you ready for an e-book full of fun facts all about equines? Equine Connection and Equine Guelph have partnered on an online educational initiative, “Who Knew? Fun Facts & Why it Matters. After collecting input from our followers and adding a few of our own lessor known truths, the e-book is ready to share. …

Give the best possible care to your horse with Equine Guelph healthcare tools

Equine Guelph Healthcare Tools for the Win!

One can go down many rabbit holes searching on the internet for horse health advice and Dr. Google is known to serve up many popular myths.  Over the years, Equine Guelph, the Centre for the horse at the University of Guelph has developed twelve free interactive online healthcare tools to help horse owners provide optimal…

Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program Logo

OEEEP Program Continues Creating Pathways to Employment in the Equine Industry

With an increasing number of want ads on horse industry job boards, there is no denying the equine industry is clamouring for suitable employees.  Speaking with three facilitators of the Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program (OEEEP) it becomes abundantly clear, this is a Win-Win program for those looking to embark on a career with…

Horse eating hay

Balancing Act of Equine Nutrition

New Ration Balancer Info-sheet, Forage and the Importance of Analysis With the cost of feeding horses continuing to rise, horse owners need to become savvy when it comes to feeding their herd on a budget without compromising equine nutrition.  A greater understanding of forage, the largest component of the equine diet, really improves the bottom…

Broodmares and a foal

Researching Infertility in Mares due to Endometritis

It is not uncommon for mares to have trouble getting pregnant because their uterus remains too inflamed after breeding. This condition is referred to as persistent breeding-induced endometritis (PBIE). Ontario Veterinary College researcher, Dr. Tracey Chenier is working to find out what causes this inflammation and how to treat it. “Horse owners and breeders often…

Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training Mar 20 2024

First Responder Refresher for Large Animal Emergency Rescue

Equine Guelph’s Large Animal Emergency Rescue (LAER) training team kicked off their 2024 schedule with a one-day refresher workshop at the beautiful Holly Oaks Farm on March 20, in Lynden, ON.  Among the attendees were members of the Hamilton Mounted police, York police, McKee-Pownall veterinary services, Troy Equine Services and members of TEAD – therapeutic…

Tax time cartoon horse

Are your Equine Finances in Order for Tax time?

Looking to make the most of your equine business expense claims this tax time?  Sign up for Equine Guelph’s free monthly e-communications to gain access to resources like an informative video with BDO finance expert Glenn Ventrcek. If your receipts are all in a shoe box and you are wondering which expenses you can claim…

horses touching snotty noses

Horse Portal Extends Free Offer to Youth

Start Early with Sickness Prevention! Learning healthy habits early makes biosecurity second nature and that is why Equine Guelph is offering their Sickness Prevention in Horses  short online course on TheHorsePortal.ca FREE to teenagers (14 – 17).  The March 18 – 29 offering of this course will be open to the grass roots of the…