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Over 1,000 Registered in New Equine Business 101 online course

Coming from near and far, those interested in professional equine pursuits have posted glowing reviews for Equine Guelph’s new online short course, Equine Business 101, hosted on TheHorsePortal.ca.  Launched June 21, 2021, the online learning community has quickly grown to over 1,000 enrolled in this on-demand course that serves as an introduction to the newly…

Tracey Dopko

If You Build It, They Will Come….Or Will They?

By Tracy Dopko, BA, DipEqS There is an old saying, “How do you make a million dollars in the horse world? Start with two million.” Anyone who is active in the equine industry can definitely vouch for this statement. But why is this statement true? Why is the equine industry notorious for high-effort, low-profit? The…