Over 1,000 Registered in New Equine Business 101 online course


Coming from near and far, those interested in professional equine pursuits have posted glowing reviews for Equine Guelph’s new online short course, Equine Business 101, hosted on TheHorsePortal.ca.  Launched June 21, 2021, the online learning community has quickly grown to over 1,000 enrolled in this on-demand course that serves as an introduction to the newly developed Equine Facility Management Certificate.

Horses and riders on a trail ride
Equine Guelph course draws a community of facility owners and managers from around the world. Photo by: Robyn Freer, Foxwood Farm

“A course everyone should take before they decide to go into equine-based business,” says Robin MacNeil, owner of Rise Again Ranch, Napanee On.

“The short online courses that Equine Guelph provide give a huge amount of information to the horses owner wanting to learn,” says Jen Olley horse owner and coach from Paraparaumu, New Zealand. “They provide a great incentive to want to learn more and so benefit the welfare of the horse.”

A business plan does not come together overnight.  For this reason, access to the interactive discussion boards has been made available to students for up to a year after registrations.  So far, the learning community includes participants from the United States, South Africa, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, India, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Mozambique, Columbia, Germany, Australia, France, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Brazil and of course Canada.

Equine Business 101 is full of useful resources for the young entrepreneur just starting out as well as sage advice for the professional looking for ways to grow their clientele.  Professionals who have already navigated the trials and tribulations of starting a horse business candidly share their inspirational stories and cautionary tales.  They describe choices that were key to their success and decisions they would reconsider with the benefit of hindsight so you can avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Student, Kailee Sheering of Ontario says the course is “loaded with information, actionable insights and indispensable advice for successful facility owners.” 

“We are so pleased with the response from the industry and the feedback from our students,” says Equine Guelph director, Gayle Ecker.  “The new Equine Business 101 course is a wonderful introduction to better understand the business of managing and/or starting an equine facility.  We look forward to helping students through their career journey with the new Equine Facility Management Certificate.”

Equine Business 101 will continue to be offered on-demand for the low price of $40.00

The next 2 short courses in the Equine Facility Management Certificate are:

  • Horse Care & Welfare (next offered: Sept 20 – Oct 1, 2021) 
  • Sickness Prevention in Horses (next offered: Oct. 18 – 29, 2021) 

Stay tuned to TheHorsePortal.ca for future offerings.