Equine Learning Theory

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20th Anniversary Feature with Cathy Wentworth-Stanley

Alumni, Cathy Wentworth Stanley shares her passion for learning theory and equine behaviour after taking Equine Guelph’s online 12-week courses and completing her diploma. An MSc. later, Cathy instructs Equine Guelph’s Equine Behaviour course! Of great interest was learning theory for horses. The following downloadable information sheet explains positive and negative reinforcement as well as…

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Do equestrians know how their horses learn?

By Tanja Bornmann (MSc Equine Science, Academic Equitation) Why is it so important for equestrians to become educated about learning theory and its practical application? Because, knowingly or not, in each single encounter with horses we use learning theory tools from our training toolbox. Sometimes, equestrians pick the wrong tools from the toolbox, or do not know…