Large Animal Rescue Training Reference Sheets

In today’s society, first responders may be called to incidents involving large animals. Proper training of best practices and appropriate use of specialized rescue equipment can improve the chances of a successful rescue and minimize risk of injury to both animals and first responders. This reference sheet has been developed as a part of the workshop offered by Equine Guelph. The techniques reflected in the reference sheet should not be attempted without appropriate training.  The improper use of the referenced technique(s) can potentially cause serious injury to both first responders and animals.

The reference sheets have been developed as a quick reference tool for the various manipulation techniques used in Large Animal Rescue.  Their intended use are for those persons that have successfully completed a hands on workshop in Large Animal Rescue offered by Equine Guelph.

Reference Sheets:

Backwards Drag

Cast Horse Roll

Equipment Summary

Forward Assist

Mud Rescue

Rescue Glide

Sideways Drag

Large Animal Rescue Training Videos (youtube playlist)


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Equine Guelph thanks the large animal rescue training professionals for providing and reviewing content.