Horse Council of British Columbia

A Partnership in Training & Certification

Horse Council BC (HCBC) is partnering with Equine Guelph to provide its members short, easily-accessible training programs so you can stay up-to-date on the latest information on equine care and welfare. This partnership enables HCBC to offer continuing education and certification opportunities for our members – athletes, coaches, officials, facilities and horse caregivers.

HCBC Membership Benefits

Member Discount

NEW! – As an HCBC member, you will receive a 15% discount on short courses offered on The Horse Portal. Members will also earn certificates of completion from Equine Guelph – the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph.

In addition, Equestrian Canada certified instructors/coaches may apply these certificates towards their professional development credits.

What HCBC members are saying about our courses:

“I loved this course so much I’m going to register for the Diploma in Equine Studies Course! Thank you Equine Guelph for making it easy to learn while still being a wife, mother, business owner etc!”

Shelby Kennedy
Student, Horse Behaviour and Safety


“I just completed a Fire and Emergency preparedness course through Equine Guelph. I learned a lot, the online portal was easy to navigate and the course content was helpful and thorough but not too time consuming to be obstructive to completing the course on a busy schedule. I think every person who owns a facility or manages a barn should complete this course, they have a duty to their animals and their customers to do so! But I also recommend that boarders and horse owners complete it, as you might be the one in the barn when an emergency occurs!”

Leah Ricketson (Campbell River, BC)
Student, Fire & Emergency Preparedness

“This course was extremely useful in reinforcing and increasing my knowledge about safety and horse behaviour. Having access to the course instructor and the guest expert for questions was invaluable, along with the well-researched material. Everything was presented in a practical, hands-on manner. Highly recommended for everyone involved with horses.”

Joan Chess-Woollacott, Horse Owner
Student, Horse Behaviour and Safety


“This is a valuable short course that will appeal to both inexperienced and experienced horse people. Easy online format that is user friendly. Worthwhile printouts for keeping track of horse health and what to do in an emergency are a bonus.” 

Erica Sutfin, EC Instructor (Duncan, BC)
Student, Equine First Aid


Lifelong Learning – Your Responsibility

Each day, new scientific knowledge emerges on how to better care for horses. It is everyone’s responsibility to stay current on best health and welfare practices and industry standards.

Whether you work with performance horses or have a backyard pony, these short, flexible courses are for you! So, on behalf of our horses, we invite you to join our online community.

A knowledgeable horse industry is a strong industry.