Resources for Fire and Emergency Preparedness

This page is a collection of the many resources that are included within the course for quick reference, organized by course lesson.  For questions about these resources, or to request additional information about the topics presented, please send an email to [email protected]

Portal Resources:

Discussion Guide

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Lesson 1.3 – Horse Farms and Fire – Some Facts

Articles by Rebecca Gimenez-Husted on

Barn Fire Prevention (OMAFRA) 

Fire Safety in Barns 

Lesson 1.4 – Myths and Facts

Video from Dr. Rebecca Gimenez-Husted (TLAER) on barn fire myths

Video: “More at Stake” from the Perth East Fire Department

Lesson 2.1 – Best Management Practices

OMAFRA 10 Ways to Reduce Fire Risk (pdf)

Video from Heartland Farm Mutual on Extension Cords

Farm Fire Prevention VideoNFPA – Rural fire safety

Heated Barns and Horses: Special Considerations

Lesson 2.2 – Safe or Unsafe?

Equine Guelph Interactive Activity: Is your barn safe or unsafe?

Lesson 2.3 – Fire Extinguishers

Equine Guelph: Fire Extinguisher Safety Activity

Care and Maintenance of your Fire Extinguisher

Lesson 3.1 – Assessment of your Farm

Barn Fire Top Ten Checklist

Equine Guelph: Fire Prevention Checklist (indoors)

Equine Guelph: Fire Prevention Checklist (outdoors)

Farm Self Assessment Form – Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators (pdf)

How to Configure an Equine Facility to Prevent and Better Respond to Barn Fires (pdf)

Lesson 3.2 – Safety Plans

Safety Plan (pdf)

Farm Fire and Emergency Sketch (pdf)

Lesson 3.3 – Contact your Fire Department

Equine Guelph – Fire Prevention Resources

Lesson 4.1 – Principles of Barn Construction for Life Safety

National Fire Protection Association – Fire and Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities Code  and The Critter Life Safety Code

Lesson 4.2 – What to do in the event of a fire

Emergency Management Ontario – IMS 100 – Introduction to Incident Management System (self-study course)

Lesson 5.1 – Your Disaster Plan

Training Options:

Lesson 5.2 – Disasters in your Geographic Region

Location based resources:

Equine Guelph Emergency Preparedness Infosheet (pdf)

Emergency Homework for Horse Owners

Quick Emergency Rescue Tips

Natural Disaster: Are you and your horse ready for emergency evacuation? (

Disaster Preparedness Resources (pdf)

Disaster Preparedness for the Horse Owner (Equus Magazine)

Lesson 5.4 – Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

 Equine Sanctuary and Rescue Facility Guidelines

Lesson 5.5 – Personal Preparedness

Stable Emergency Preparedness Self-Assessment – Equine Guelph Infosheet

Lesson 5.8 – Communication

Crisis communication for business

Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication

Lesson 6.1 – Your Disaster Plan

Saving The Ranch (Video – 30 Minutes)

Lesson 6.2 – Responsible Ownership

Lesson 6.3 – Shelter in Place

Equine Emergency-Evacuation Kit Checklist

Equine Emergency Preparedness (pdf)

Emergency Preparedness for Farm Animals

Animal Emergency Preparedness Self-Assessment Checklist

Alberta Equestrian Federation – range of resources

FEMA online courses 

National Fire Protection Association

Coronavirus advice (UK)

Lesson 7.1 – Disaster Plans: Special Mentions

Horse Health Check(Equine Guelph)

How to Develop an Equine Veterinary Facility All-Hazards Sheltering and Evacuation Plan (pdf)

ASPCA Animal Emergency Preparedness Self-Assessment Checklist(pdf)

Taking Care of Horses After the Storm(

Animal Shelter Emergency Preparedness Self Assessment Worksheet(pdf)