Emergency preparedness

Firefighter rescuing horse from barn

Practice Preparedness and Prevention – Resources on Barn Fire Prevention from Equine Guelph

Waiting until the wildfire approaches dangerously close is no time to draw up a disaster preparedness plan.  Learning the hazards of storing hay is too late after the barn is reduced to ashes and all is lost.  It is not a scenario that one fathoms will ever happen to them, until it does.  Equine Guelph’s October healthcare tool of…


Equine Guelph Survey Part of Covid Initiatives for Horse Owners

From adding special online course offerings to updating a Covid-19 resources page daily, Equine Guelph has been responding to industry requests during this difficult time. You can take a survey right now to let them know of any additional courses you would like to take while you are staying home. Fire & Emergency Preparedness online course from May 4…

barn on fire

Equine Guelph Offers Fire & Emergency Preparedness Online Course in Response to Covid-19

Equine Guelph is offering a special discounted rate for the upcoming offering of their Fire & Emergency Preparedness online course. In response to industry requests during the COVID-19 pandemic, recent updates to the course will address many horse caretaker and facility owner concerns. Topics added include developing plans for business disruptions and back-up planning especially…