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20th Anniversary Feature with Shawna Ward

Alumni, Shawna Ward shares her passion for equine management after taking Equine Guelph’s online 12-week courses. The nutrition course in particular has reduced Shawna’s horse keeping costs. Forage based diets was a topic of great interest for Shawna. The following downloadable information sheet explains key take-aways and the benefits of feeding a forage based diet.

Pasture with growth of 8 to 11 inches

Introduction to Forage Latest Addition to Online Courses for Horse People

With forage recommended as approximately 80% of your equine’s diet, a caretaker with straight A’s in selection and management of hay and pasture is a horse’s best friend.  Join expert in the field, Dr. Paul Sharpe, for the inaugural offering of the Introduction to Forage online course this Mar 21 – Apr 1, 2022.  Whether…

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The Healthy Horse: Understanding the Role of Equine Digestion & Nutrition Webinar

Take a journey through the horse’s digestive system in a free webinar April 14, 7pm-8:15pm EST.  Equine Guelph’s life size model of the digestive system will be featured so participants can identify what the entire tract looks like, how it works, and what this means for feeding horses. This  interactive webinar will help viewers understand strategies and…

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Learn practical nutrition tips with new Equine Guelph videos

Part 3 of the digestive journey coming to your screen Dec 2020! Why are forage and/or forage-based feeds or alternatives so important for a horse’s digestive system? If you subscribe to Equine Guelph’s monthly Enews, you will find out in part three of their three-part video series on equine digestion. Watch as we take what we’ve…

Tour the horse’s digestive system with new videos from Equine Guelph

The second Equine Guelph video about the horse’s digestive system will be launched in Equine Guelph’s November Enews (November 5, 2020).  Sign up for the free monthly Enews and watch as Jack, a rising standardbred film star, shows off what organs, like the large colon, really look like. You’ll learn more about how horses break down their…

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Fuelling Wellness Symposium is Approaching Fast – Join us to learn about equine and pet nutrition!

Interested in learning more about horse or pet nutrition? Join us at the one-day online Fuelling Wellness Symposium co-hosted by Equine Guelph and the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, August 15th, 2020. Participants can choose to spend the day on equine specific topics or choose from other pet nutrition seminars running concurrently. Watch the promo video below…

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Fuelling Wellness

A one-day online symposium where you can learn more about equine or pet nutrition! Equine Guelph is co-hosting a one-day online symposium on August 15th, 2020 where you can learn more about horse nutrition from the comfort of your own home! Co-hosted by the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, participants can spend the whole day…

Colic Risk Rater

Colic Prevention – Introduce Spring Pasture Slowly

Spring is upon us and so is the prevalence of gas colic. Equine Guelph is sharing many strategies to prevent it.   First, Equine Guelph recommends that every horse owner refers to its FREE Colic Risk Rater Tool ( to help them assess their management practices, such as introducing new feeds slowly to reduce their colic risk.  An…