Island Horse Council

A Partnership in Training & Certification

Island Horse Council (IHC) has created a new partnership with Equine Guelph to offer its member short, affordable, easy access educational courses. These courses will enable our members to stay up to date in current equine management and welfare topics. This partnership will enable IHC to offer its members continued education credits and certifications, assisting horse owners, coaches, officials, athletes and facility management.

IHC Membership Benefits

Member Discounts

NEW! – 15% discount on short courses offered through the Horse Portal will be applied to all current IHC members. USE the “Provincial Memberships Only” registration option, and have your IHC membership info ready! 

Members will earn continuing education credits and course certifications through Equine Guelph – the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph.  In addition, Equestrian Canada certified instructors/coaches may apply these certificates towards their professional development credits.

Lifelong Learning – You Owe It To Yourself & Your Horse

With constant changes to the equine world, whether through new training techniques, biosecurity changes, feeding and vaccine advances, etc., the way that we care and manage horses is continually updating and improving. It is everyone’s responsibility to stay up to date on the best ways to improve the health and welfare of our equine partners, as well as the ever changing industry standards.

No matter if you take a weekly lesson, have a backyard pony, or compete at a national level with performance horses, our online community is for you! Short, accessible, user-friendly courses will be available throughout the year with various topics to keep you learning.