Top 3 Causes of Barn Fires

Barn fires are devastating events for the equine community to deal with, and the emotional toll and financial impact can be felt for years. Understanding the common causes, and taking action to address them, will help reduce the risk of such a catastrophic event occurring.

The three leading causes of preventable barn fires are outlined below along with practical tips in prevention:


horse biting electrical wire

Unprotected wiring prone to rodent damage

Deteriorated electrical breaker/fuse panels/deteriorated loose connections

Extension cords & power bars used instead of properly installed permanent wiring


open heater in barn

Use of portable fans/heaters

Use of household appliances (i.e. coffee makers, microwaves and fridges)

Laundry-dryer’s electrical plug connection failures, lint build up and improper exhaust

Storage & Use of Flammables in Barn

hay bale on fire with fireman standing beside

Motorized vehicles stored or used in barn

Hay & bedding stored in barn

Fuel & other flammables stored improperly