Barn Construction: 7 Principles to Reduce Fire Risk

To help reduce the risk of fire spreading in your stable, consider the following 7 principles when building or renovating:

construction materials
1. Construction Materials

Consider building materials that do not burn as readily

2. Compartmentation

Large open spaces will allow a fire to spread more easily vs. separate rooms

Separate mechanical and service rooms with doors with closers will reduce spread, as well as separate hay/bedding storage

3. Means of Egress – Exits

Have at least 2 ways out of the barn

Uncluttered wide aisles will assist when exiting

4. Interior Finishes

Type of material(s) used to cover walls, ceilings and floors can affect how far and fast the fire travels

5. Building Services

Ensure your services (i.e. electrical service, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems) are professionally installed and properly maintained

6. Fire Detection Systems

Consider smoke and fire alarm systems suitable for farms

7. Fire Protection Services

Consider fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers and on-site water sources such as a pond accessible for fire department use