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Check out this handy reference on Body Condition Scoring

Equine Guelph developed an easy reference chart based on the Henneke BCS system. The laminated BCS poster is available for sale from Equine Guelph (see ordering info below) or use this digital version to assist you as you perform Body Condition Scoring on your horse!

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Good health depends on ideal body weight. The Body Condition Scoring Poster is a handy reference tool that caregivers can use to determine whether a horse has an appropriate amount of fat on their body. The poster outlines a system developed many years ago by Dr. Henneke to monitor broodmares, but it is applicable to all horses, and all breeds.

The system uses visual assessment and hand palpation of six areas on the horse to detect the amount of fat laid down in that area. Horses, like humans, lay down fat in different areas of the body, and at different rates when gaining or losing body weight.

This scoring system can track the condition of the body over time to give you a better method to monitor the horse.

Hang this laminated BCS poster (22” X 29”) in your barn for quick and easy reference.

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