Interactive Body Condition Score

Assess your horse’s body condition score 

Equine Guelph’s Body Condition Score Tool will help you learn how to determine your horse’s body condition score! The body condition score evaluates the amount of fat on a horse, which can help you determine whether your horse is currently getting enough calories from their diet. To body condition score a horse, you visually assess AND palpate the horse to determine the amount of fat present at six specific areas of the body: 

  1. Along the neck
  2. Along the withers
  3. Tailhead
  4. Loin area/crease down back
  5. Ribs
  6. Behind the elbow/shoulder

Start the Interactive Body Condition Score!

To determine the Body Condition Score, click each area on the horse below in the order provided above. You will be provided with a description and picture of each score for each area. Choose the score that most accurately describes your horse.