Alberta Equestrian Federation

A Partnership in Training & Certification

The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) is partnering with Equine Guelph to provide its members short, easily-accessible training programs so members have the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest information and education in regard to equine care, welfare and interest areas. This partnership enables the AEF to offer continuing education and certification opportunities to our members – athletes, coaches, officials, facilities and horse caregivers.

AEF Membership Benefits

Member Discounts

As an AEF member, you receive a 15% discount on short courses offered on The Horse Portal. USE the “Provincial Memberships Only” registration option, and have your AEF membership info ready! 

Members will earn certificates of completion from Equine Guelph – the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph.  In addition, Equestrian Canada certified instructors/coaches may apply these certificates towards their professional development credits.

What AEF members are saying about our courses:

“Great online course! I am ten times more confident in myself in dealing with any future injuries that should arise with any of my horses!” 

Alyssa Girard, Owner (Falher, AB)
Student, Equine First Aid

“I would strongly recommend taking this course to anyone who is interested in equines and wants to learn more about their behavior and what to do to best protect them and yourself. There is much information and thought provoking questions on how to deal with day to day situations that may arise as we interact with our horses. This course is a must for anyone just starting out with horses or anyone who has been in the equine field for years.”

Melany Moore, Owner (Sundre, AB)
Student, Horse Behaviour and Safety

“This was an excellent summary of basic safety, handling and care of horses and the people involved with them.  Great resources provided, well written, well cited.”

Becky Taylor, Owner and Coach
Student, Horse Behaviour and Safety

“The Horse Behaviour and Safety Course is a must for both experienced and non-experienced horse lovers, owners and riders.”

Donna Elkow-Nash, Owner
Student, Horse Behaviour and Safety


Lifelong Learning – Your Opportunity

Each day, new scientific knowledge emerges on how to better care for horses. It is everyone’s responsibility to stay current on best health and welfare practices and industry standards. This education portal, provides an opportunity for training and certification at your own pace and from your own home.

Whether you work with performance horses or have a backyard pony, these short, flexible courses are for you! On behalf of our industry, we invite you to join this online educational system.

The horse industry is unified like never before

“Allowing ourselves to access and provide these types of educational opportunities for our Alberta equine community will ensure that we are helping equine enthusiasts to be responsible horse owners within our province. Not only will we gain valuable knowledge, but our horses will receive the benefits and thus, benefit the industry overall.”

– Sonia Dantu, Executive Director, Alberta Equestrian Federation