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Please complete the following 4 questions. It should take you about 2 minutes to complete and will provide you with a printable version of a customized suggested immunization schedule for your horse (residing in Canada). Discuss these guidelines with your veterinarian to review your specific needs.

Personalized Immunization Schedule Considerations

Vaccination guidelines are simply guidelines. They are neither mandatory nor legally binding. They are a starting point for horse owners and veterinarians to discuss the appropriate use of vaccines as part of a disease prevention program. There is no such thing as a standard protocol for all farms. There will be individual farm differences and risk factors, including age, use, sex, exposure to outside horses and geography, which will impact on decision making. Horse owners will also need to determine the amount of risk that they want to assume when deciding on whether or not to vaccinate. Vaccines and vaccination programs are only a small part of disease prevention. Managerial Practices to minimize exposure and decrease stress will have major impacts on the health, productivity and performance of horses.

Vaccinating livestock

As of July 1, 2018, under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Regulation 567, livestock owners are legally required to have horses, cattle and sheep vaccinated for rabies in Ontario if the animals have been in contact with anyone other than their regular caretakers (e.g., horse competitions, livestock fairs). Consult your veterinarian for more information about rabies vaccination requirements in your specific area. For more information on whether this requirement applies to your animals, contact your local public health unit.

In Canada, all rabies vaccines licensed for livestock protect an animal for one year.

You can discuss vaccinating your other livestock and the costs with your veterinarian.

Learn more about the rules for rabies vaccination in livestock.